LVL Patch Test Kit
LVL Patch Test Kit
LVL Patch Test Kit
LVL Patch Test Kit
LVL Patch Test Kit
LVL Patch Test Kit

LVL Patch Test Kit

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Ensure your client’s safety with our LVL Patch Test Kit.

The LVL Lash Lift is our natural lash treatment that lifts lashes from the root and tints them, to give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. The Nouveau Lashes LVL Patch Test Kit is specifically for use with LVL treatments, designed to be given at least 48 hours prior to treatments.

What’s included in our LVL Patch Test?

  • 1 x instruction leaflet with Client Record Card
  • 1 x LVL patch test pack: Each of the 4 treatment steps from the unique blister pearl system
  • 1 x tint transfer test
  • 4 x product applicators
  • 4 x hypoallergenic plasters

How to use

  • 48 HOURS: Ensure the LVL Patch Test is used 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • SIMPLE GUIDANCE: Full instructions on how to use the LVL Patch Test can be found inside the pack.
  • IMPORTANT: For use with LVL pearls only due to unique ingredients.
  • 6 MONTHS: Patch tests should be carried out on new clients only and those returning after 6 months (or with changes in medical condition)


  • Store in a cool place away from direct sun and heat.

Contains: Lanolin, Thioglycolate, Cysteamine

  • P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE: Used in oxidative hair colourants to give its permanent colour. A known irritant and allergen that should only be used following strict guidelines. Always use a patch test to confirm any allergic reactions before use
  • HYDROLYSED OATS: A protein known to soften and smooth hair, reduce breakage and leave it looking shiny.
  • HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN: A protein known to enhance the appearance and condition of hair and improve the texture of treated hair. This ingredient is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.