Jade Peelable Wax 800g

Jade Peelable Wax 800g

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Perfect for female use, Jade Peelable Wax has a cool, fresh and feminine aroma. It’s a great wax for face and underarm treatments. The calming essence of eucalyptus helps to soothe the skin.

The silky lightweight formula is best spread in thinly, in even layers encompassing micro circulation technology and is simply peeled off by hand, which means there is no need to use strips or cloth. In addition to this, it is quick setting and fast drying, which for busy salons and busy clients, is far more economical, maintaining a high standard in results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for sensitive areas, such as facial, underarm and bikini line waxing.
  • Calming essence of eucalyptus.
  • A quick setting, fast-drying wax.

For professional use only. Jade works best at approximately 52°-56°C. It should have the consistency of a thick honey once it’s reached the correct temperature.

Watch a demonstration of Jade in action here.

Ingredients: Colophonium, Glyceryl Rosinate, Cera Flava (yellow beeswax), Ethylene/VA Copolmer, Paraffin, Triethanolamine, Lanolin, Mica, CI 77891, CI61565, Parfum, Limonene, Benzyl Benzoate.