Lash Pads
Lash Pads
Lash Pads

Lash Pads

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Designed exclusively for use with the Lash Band.

Lash Pads are a unique, time-saving insert designed to hold lash extensions and adhesive during lash extension treatments. Lash Pads can be used flat or curved with the unique Curve Adaptor, depending on personal preference. Lash Pads feature a housing designed to fit our Shallow Micro Cups, meaning adhesive is stored safely without wastage so that you can work ergonomically and efficiently. They can be cleaned and re-used for multiple treatments.

What’s inside?

  • 10 x Lash Pads
  • 1 x Curve Adaptor

How to use:

  • YOUR PREFERENCE: Lash Pads can be fit either into the headband or using the curvature, curve the Lash Pad according to your preference and slide into the headband tabs ready for treatments to begin.
  • AVOID WASTAGE: Use Lash Pads to house Shallow Micro Cups, which store adhesive safely with minimum wastage.


  • Can be cleaned and re-used