LVL Pads
LVL Pads
LVL Pads

LVL Pads

Ordinær pris 120 NOK

Holds pearls from the LVL Lash Lifting System as well as Micro Cups.

LVL Pads come as a pack of 7 and are specifically designed for use with the LVL Lash Lifting System and fit effortlessly within the fabric of your LVL Headband. LVL Pads hold one pearl from our LVL Lash Lifting System as well as one Micro Cup which can be used to hold tint, saving you time during the treatment process.

By using LVL pads, you can work ergonomically and efficiently while holding products safely without wastage. LVL Pads are also reusable for multiple treatments on a short-term basis.

How to use:
  • PREPARE: Slide an LVL pearl into the pad and then slip the LVL pad into the tabs on your Headband.
  • USEFUL FOR TINT: Use the smaller round housing to hold a Micro Cup, which is perfect for storing your tint while you work.


  • Can be cleaned and re-used